Boowa is a blue dog who is also intelligent. He is best friends with Kwala.

They lived together with their families on a island called “The Land In The Middle”

He is voiced by Jason Barnard, the creator of the series

Story Edit

Boowa was on his boat, searching for seashells for his collection.

While he was looking for shells in the island called "The Land of Pretty Seashells", he spotted a stranger with a no name.

He thought of a name for her so he called her Kwala since she could only say Kwala.

Despite that, he taught her many words and she learned quickly.

In the end, he took Kwala to her home where she reunited with her family.

The relationship between them grew and grew like vines or trees as the series goes on and on

Appearance Edit

He is blue all over (except for his nose which is yellow) and wears a collar around his neck.

He has a long tail and is thin (but not too thin)

Trivia Edit

  • Boowa's birthday is on June 13th (year he was born was unknown, but perhaps around 80's or 90's)
  • He loves seashells
  • Unlike Kwala who is an only child in her family, he has a little sister named Siwa.
  • He's not a fan of lemons but knows that Kwala doesn't like them more than he does so he blends in
  • Despite him being intelligent, he does get silly at certain times.
  • He and Kwala can dance and sing (which is why they have so many songs on the playlists full of duets and all)
  • He and Kwala loved strawberries and food that has strawberry flavors
  • The creator of the series and voice of Boowa, Jason Barnard is married to the writer of the series and voice of Kwala, Véronique Barnard so it's possible for them to be a couple (probably when they get older and fall in love)