Kwala is a yellow koala. She is best friends with Boowa. They lived together with their families on a island called “The Land In The Middle”

She is voiced by Veronique Barnard, the wife of Jason Bernard and writer of the series


Kwala was found missing by Boowa in “The Land of Pretty Seashells” (Reunion island in real life), as a small koala bear who couldn’t say anything else but “Kwala”, as Boowa was out looking for shells for his collection.

She then decided to take a journey with Boowa around the world to find her lost family and reunite with them.

As her journey continues, she learns to speak and learn new words.

The relationship between them grew and grew like vines or trees as the series goes on and on

Appearance Edit

She is yellow all over (except for her nose which is black), wears a French cap (because it's due to the fact that the show is an American-French cartoon) and is a little chubby.

Trivia Edit

  • Kwala's birthday is on January 26th. The year she was born was pretty unknown (probably around the 80's or 90's)
  • Despite Kwala being yellow, she doesn't like lemons with burning passion (probably due to the fact that they can be pretty sour)
  • She has her grandmother and grandfather who appears in the series as well
  • Unlike Boowa who has a sister, she is an only child in her family
  • She always says "La" at the end of the sentence most of the time.
  • Her voice actress and writer of the series, Veronique Barnard is married to the voice actor/creator of Boowa, Jason Barnard so it's possible for them to be a couple (probably when they get older and fall in love)
  • She and Boowa can dance and sing (which is why they have so many songs on the playlists full of duets and all)
  • She and Boowa loved strawberries and food that has strawberry flavors
  • Her real name is really unknown, though she goes by the name of Kwala.